Calamari (Squid Fry)

Calamari or squid fry is one of our favourite snacks. It is easy to cook with simple ingredients and very tasty. So whenever we get the chance, we go to Billingsgate Market to buy fresh squids. Billingsgate market is an excellent source of fresh fish (daily catch).


Calamari (Squid Fry)



Fresh squid sold as 2kg box in Billingsgate Market

If the squid is frozen let it thaw completely before proceeding. Today I will show you how to make calamari from a large squid. Ideally calamari is made with baby squids. But the large ones are tasty too.




Hold the squid firmly and separate the tentacles from the head by cutting just in front of the eye as shown in the photo. Then gently pull the head from the body so that ink sack doesn’t break. Save the tentacles as they are edible and we can fry them or use them in other dishes.


Separate the fin from the body by pulling them gently. We do this because we want to make nice ring shapes from the tubular body of the squid.

DSC_1691At this point, you should end up with the following things:

DSC_1692It is important to clean the body of the squid. As this one is a large squid, I sliced it in half to clean inside the body of the squid. Simply put it under the running water to clean the inside. Don’t forget to clean the tentacles as well.




DSC_1696After cleaning the squid body, slice the body in nice ring shapes. I recommend using a sharp knife as it may be a bit of a struggle.


DSC_1699Now lets prepare the other ingredients of today’s recipe: Flour, freshly ground black pepper, oregano and salt.

DSC_1700Place these dry ingredients in a sandwich bag and shake it well to mix all the ingredients evenly.


DSC_1703Place the ring shaped squid in the same bag and again shake it well.




DSC_1710At this point you will end up with squid rings covered with the while coating we prepared in the sandwich bag. Preheat some oil and drop the squid into the oil to fry. The oil should be very hot. To check for right temperature, place a tiny portion of the squid into the hot oil and if it floats immediately then the oil is hot enough to fry.

DSC_1712To avoid the squid becoming too rubbery, only fry then for two to three minutes. I usually make them in two batches so that there isn’t too much squid in the pan and the oil temperature is kept hot.



DSC_1718After few minutes, transfer the fried rings on a serving plate with kitchen towel placed on it to soak the excess oil.


DSC_1722Lastly sprinkle some lemon juice over the calamari and serve with sweet chilli sauce. Enjoy them hot.





Squid 1 large clean and cut innto ring shape
Oil to fry
Oregano half tea spoon
Freshly ground black pepper one tea spoon
Plain or all purpose flour 3/4 th cup

After preparing the squid put enough oil in a large saucepan to deep fry the squid. Place over a medium heat. Check the oil is at it right temperature by placing a small portion into the hot oil. It should come up immediately from oil. If it does then the oil is ready to fry.

While the oil is heating, place the flour, pepper, oregano and salt in a large sandwich bag or any kind of clean bag . Then put  the squid in there as well and shake well for even distribution and coating. After coating the squid properly, start to fry for 2-3 minutes until golden. Don’t fry for longer as the squid will get rubbery. Remove from the oil and use drain on kitchen towel/paper to sock excess oil from squid.  Lastly sprinkle some lemon juice and serve with sweet chilli sauce. Enjoy!



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